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This Blogsite is dedicated to the work and legacy of Anselm of Aosta, Bec and Canterbury, who died in Canterbury on 21 April 1109.

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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Additional Publications - May - 2010

The first number of the on-line journal, Philosophical Readings, is dedicated to 'Anselm of Aosta'. (The Aosta designation indicates the journal's Italian origins.) Thanks to Sara Uckelman for letting me know about this.


P. Gilbert, 'Le dialogue interreligieux chez Anselme' in Philosophical Readings, 1 (2009) 47-74.

D. Porello, 'La necessit√† di un’isola' in Philosophical Readings, 1 (2009) 5-45.

L. Vettorello, 'Riflessioni sulla prova anselmiana' in Philosophical Readings, 1 (2009) 75-84.


F. Siri, Review of Eadmero e Giovanni di Salisbury, Vite di Anselmo di Aosta, ed. by I. Biffi et al., Jaca Book, Milano 2009 and Anselmo d’Aosta, Opere filosofiche, ed. by S. Vanni Rovighi, Laterza, Roma-Bari 2008 in Philosophical Readings, 1 (2009) 85-91.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Recent Publications - May 2010 - Updated


G. Landini, 'Russell and the Ontological Argument' in Russell: the Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies, 29 (2009-10) 101-128.

R.A. Sharpe, 'Early Manuscripts of Anselm: A discussion with five manuscripts' in Gazette du livre medieval, 54 (Printemps 2009) 48-52.

A. Vanderjagt, 'Obedience Simple and True: Anselm of Canterbury on How to Defeat the Devil' in W. Otten, A. Vanderjagt & H. de Vries, How the West Was Won: Essays on Literary Imagination, the Canon and the Christian Middle Ages (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History, 188), Leiden 2010, pp. 393-408.


K. Shuve, Review of B. Ward, Anselm of Canterbury: His Life and Legacy in The Expository Times, 121 (2010) 420.

K.M. Staley, Review of K. Rogers, Anselm on Freedom in International Philosophical Quarterly, 50 (2010) 136-138.

Bertrand Russell Interviews St. Anselm of Canterbury

Entertaining account of Anselm's argument - see if you can disaggregate the errors from the insights!